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Verifi Smart.Safe.® S7000 Fast-Access Biometric Safe

You have enough to worry about, so we don’t want you to have worry about your safe as well. We’ve engineered Verifi Smart Safes to worry about themselves.

Every 24 hours and after every use, Verifi Smart Safes automatically perform a set of thorough diagnostic tests on the batteries, fingerprint sensor and locking mechanisms.

Some of the questions our Smart Safes ask themselves:

Battery Health

Do my batteries have enough power to fully operate me in an emergency? How much battery life is left?

Fingerprint Sensor

Are there any problems with my sensor that would prevent the user from quickly opening me with an enrolled fingerprint?

Locking Mechanisms

Is there an issue with an internal component that would prevent me from locking or unlocking?

If a Verifi Smart Safe detects a problem, it will grab the user’s attention with audible and visual alerts.

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Fast-access, biometric gun safe

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