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Smart Safes

AutoLock may be disabled in the Settings Menu. See AutoLock in the Verifi Smart Safe User Manual to ensure AutoLock is enabled.

Review your safe’s LED settings to confirm that LED has not been disabled. See Changing Internal LED Options in the Verifi Smart Safe User Manual.

If Nite-Lite has been enabled, your LED may be too difficult to notice in a brightly lit room. Nite-Lite is specifically engineered to be dim to avoid causing night blindness. Consider selecting Normal or Bright if Nite-Lite is too difficult to view in your environment.

The enrollment process will timeout with this message if your finger is not detected or if you placed it on the sensor for more than 18 seconds without lifting it. During enrollment, your safe will prompt you to repeatedly lift and place the same finger on the sensor. Be sure to respond promptly to these messages to avoid the setup session timing out.

Your safe’s batteries may have a bad cell or may be running very low. Replace batteries with a new set and try again. See Installing Batteries in the Verifi Smart Safe User Manual.

While unusual, this may happen if your finger has significantly changed characteristics due to damage or other causes. This can also indicate a weak fingerprint enrollment.

You can factory reset the safe and start over with a new initial enrollment, enroll new fingerprints under your existing user, or create a new user. See Factory Reset and/or Adding/Users Fingerprints in the Verifi Smart Safe User Manual.

Enrolling alternate fingers allows access to your safe in the event your primary finger becomes heavily damaged.

If the LCD’s backlight has been turned off, shining a flashlight on the display will allow you to read its text and navigate through the settings so you can turn it back on. See Changing LCD Backlight Options in the Verifi Smart Safe User Manual.

If your LCD’s backlight is not turned off but is still not displaying text, replace your safe’s batteries. See Installing Batteries in the Verifi Smart Safe User Manual.

Open your safe with its backup keys and remove any objects that may be obstructing the locking bolts. If your safe continues to show this error, please contact our Customer Support team.

If you inadvertently chose FIRMWARE UPGRD without connecting to a USB input cable, your safe will appear to be unresponsive. The safe is searching for USB input to begin its firmware upgrade process. To abort this process and return to normal operation, follow these steps:

  1. Remove your safe’s batteries.
  2. Press the Start/Enter Button to confirm any lingering battery power is drained.
  3. Replace batteries and the Battery Compartment cover.

If your safe does not boot up, replace your batteries with a new set. Your previous set may have been drained if your safe searched for USB input for an extended period of time.

Fingerprint & Smart Card Readers

Please contact us for support for Fingerprint & Smart Card Readers.

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