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Fingerprint & Smart Card Readers

Government & Business Solutions

FBI Certified Sensor*




P5100 Series

Featuring the TouchChip® large area capacitive sensor, our sleek and ergonomic P5100 series fingerprint readers are the ideal choice for desktop business applications.

P5200 Series

Sensors on P5200 series fingerprint readers contain SteelCoat™, a unique hard-epoxy protective coating that significantly enhances durability, increases resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD), and has been tested to withstand over four million touches.

P6000 Series

Designed and certified to FBI standards, the P6000 series fingerprint readers leverage HID Global Touchchip TCS1 sensor technology for use in secured government applications.

Smart Card Readers

Smart Card readers approved by the United States government for use in HSPD-12 and PIV applications.

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