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Smart Safes

No. All of your fingerprint enrollments and settings customizations are stored in your safe’s memory and can only be deleted or changed by an administrator or by performing a factory reset. See User Manual page 28 for Factory Reset.

You can use regular alkaline or lithium ion batteries.

Your safe was designed for mounting to walls and/or floors. Though we do not recommend it, if you choose to use a security cable, be sure to purchase one that will fit through your safe’s 8mm mounting holes.

See User Manual page 36 for Using Backup Keys. After you have unlocked your safe, be sure replace its batteries as soon as possible.

Routine maintenance is not required for your safe’s fingerprint sensor. However, if the sensor becomes dirty, it should be cleaned in order to maintain optimal performance. See User Manual page 35 for Care and Maintenance.

Beeping is indicative of an active notification. It may be a low battery alarm, tamper alert or other notification. Your safe will display any active notifications on its LCD after it has been opened with an enrolled fingerprint. See User Manual page 21 for Notifications.

For security reasons, Zvetco Biometrics does not store duplicates of backup keys. To receive a new set of keys, your safe will need to be re-keyed with a new lock and matching set of keys. Please contact our Customer Support team for more information.

Fingerprint & Smart Card Readers

Please contact us for support for Fingerprint & Smart Card Readers.

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