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Verifi® and Verifi Smart.Safe.® by Zvetco

Founded in 1999, Zvetco, is the manufacturer of best-in-class identity authentication hardware and provider of identity management and security solutions.

Zvetco’s Verifi® brand of precision fingerprint-sensing products, including Verifi Smart.Safe.® fast-access biometric safes and Verifi® fingerprint and Smart Card readers, deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and convenience.

Verifi fingerprint/card readers, available through Zvetco’s enterprise solutions, help clients prevent identity theft, increase accountability, and eliminate the cost and inconvenience of password-based access. Organizations within government, financial, healthcare, gaming, food service and point-of-sale market sectors know and trust Zvetco’s Verifi biometric peripherals for enhanced system security.

Through Zvetco’s line of Verifi Smart.Safe. biometric safes, consumers can benefit from the same FBI certified fingerprint-sensing technology offered to Zvetco’s corporate clients. The superior TouchChip® capacitive fingerprint sensor used in Verifi fingerprint/card readers is also available in all S-Series Verifi Smart.Safes. Customers rely upon Zvetco’s fast-access Verifi Smart.Safes. to secure their firearms, documents, prescription medications and other valuable items that may need to accessed at a moment’s notice.

TouchChip® is a registered trademark of HID Global Corporation.

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