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Verifi Smart.Safe.® S4000 Fast-Access Biometric Safe

Storage: 0.28 cu. ft.
External Dimensions: 5.8 (H) x 14.4 (W) x 10.8 (D) in.
Internal Dimensions: 3.3 (H) x 14.0 (W) x 10.5 (D) in.
Door Opening: 7.0 (H) x 12.2 (W) in.
Weight: 22 lbs
Door: 4mm, ~8ga.
Walls: 2mm, ~14ga.
Bolts: (2) 20mm motorized locking bolts, ~3/4”
Powder Coating: Matte black industrial
Mounting Holes: (2) floor
Power: (4) AA batteries (included)
Battery Life: Up to 4 years, compatible with alkaline batteries (included)
Safe Operating Temps: -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
Max. Fingerprints: 40 enrollments
Tamper Alerts: Unauthorized fingerprint, backup key used, reset attempt
Other Alerts & Alarms: Open door, low battery
Self-Check Diagnostic: Every 24 hours and after every use
Access & Event Logs: Previous 1,000 entries
Fingerprint Sensor: HID Global Touchchip TCS1 silicon active capacitance sensor, FBI certified
California DOJ approved Firearm Safety Device: Yes
Warranty: 1 year
Replacement Guarantee: 30-day standard

TouchChip® is a registered trademark of HID Global Corporation.

Gold Series

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Fast-access, biometric gun safe

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