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Verifi Smart.Safe.® S4000 Fast-Access Biometric Safe

Safes built with small, cheap optical sensors often include keypads for backup access when the sensors won’t work. That’s not how we build Verifi Smart Safes.

HID Global Touchchip TCS1 Sensor

All Verifi Smart Safes are engineered with the TouchChip® large area, capacitive fingerprint sensor.


The superior TouchChip® fingerprint sensor has been tested and certified by the FBI to meet the Next Generation Identification (NGI) standard for fingerprint image quality.

It’s large because it must be. A smaller sensor wouldn’t provide the quality fingerprint images needed to properly secure your firearms, prescription medications or other valuable items.


Larger and sharper FBI certified fingerprint image

The TouchChip® sensor reads fingerprints at a high resolution of 508 dpi. This helps to capture more of the minute details in a fingerprint and enhances the performance of the recognition system.

Why use an active capacitive sensor?

3D Superiority

3D capacitive sensors work below the surface of the skin to give the best fingerprint image, even when reading worn, dirty or delicate fingerprints.

Liveness Detection

Unlike optical sensors that can be fooled by a photocopy of an original fingerprint, anti-spoof capacitive sensors interact with living tissue to detect the features of a fingerprint.

Capacitive fingerprint sensor technology

Gold Series


Fast-access, biometric gun safe

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What's the difference between Gold and Platinum Series safes?

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