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Verifi Smart.Safe.® S5000 Fast-Access Biometric Safe

Open Door Alert

Open Door Alert

Leaving your safe’s door open could have disastrous consequences, especially if a firearm is stored inside and made easily accessible to a child. Our Verifi Smart Safe has you covered. Sensors in the door detect if it remains open and will trigger an audible alert in such an event.

Tamper Alert

Tamper Alerts

House guests, kids or even maids may be interested in trying their fingerprint on your Verifi Smart Safe. Any such attempt triggers a tamper alert so you’re kept informed of what happens when you’re not around.

Backup Key Access Alert

Backup Key Access Alert

Backup keys are included for access through a key slot hidden behind the logo plate. If a key is used, your Verifi Smart Safe logs an alert so you’ll know when it happened.

Reset Attempt

Reset Attempt Alert

Many safes are vulnerable to a “reset attack.” This is when someone presses an internal reset button from the outside of the safe. Verifi Smart Safes reject these attacks and can only be reset with a fingerprint from a registered admin.

Gold Series


Fast-access, biometric gun safe

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What's the difference between Gold and Platinum Series safes?

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